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I was surprised to see these out there! Some context: These were stitched together and put up on the wall for two reasons. First, to remind everyone that a LOT had been designed and built (during a time when most of it wasn’t in the game yet). Second, it acted as a visual guide for factions moving forward. There was still a lot to design, and seeing where you’ve come from does a lot to inform where you’re going. 

(Source: ymirr)


My most used painting workflow.

-rough sketch
-greyscale fill
-noodling around
-noodling around more and figuring out light and shadow
-flattening the greyscale when I’m happy with it, switching it on overlay and painting colours on a normal layer below it
-corrections, amping up the lighting, adding secondary lights, polishing stuff, finalizing with a smart sharpen filter, done

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