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woahO i hit a milestone so hey lets do an art giveaway yeha

the rules:

  • starts july 14th and ends on july 28th
  • i’ll be choosing 3 winners using a random number generator
  • likes and reblogs count!
  • you must be following me! new followers are welcome ;v;
  • no giveaway blogs
  • keep your askbox open so i can message you if you win! if you dont respond in 48 hours, i’ll pick a new winner

the priiiiiiiiiiize:

  • 1st place - a waist-up drawing of 1 or 2 characters of your choice! in colour! woah
  • 2nd place - a waist-up drawing of 1 character of your choice! also in colour!
  • 3rd place - a bust of 1 character of your choice! in one colour!

what i’ll draw:

  • any humanoid characters! (if you want me to draw stuff like a turian or a khajiit tho, be warned that i may not be very….good at it lol)
  • if your character isn’t from a fandom that i know about and/or if they’re an oc, i’ll need references and (preferably) a run-down of their personality!!
  • check out my art tag for more examples of what i’ve drawn B)

thank you and good luck!! u 3u

last day for this! i’ll choose the winners tomorrow.

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